Giving at Day3Church

Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of Day3Church giving.  We believe that giving is an act of worship and is one way of giving back to the One who gives us everything we need. God loves a cheerful giver and we want to give you every opportunity to sow into God’s kingdom and our vision here at Day3Church.

3waystogive copy.jpg

3 Ways to Give

  1. In-person by envelope and dropping them off at one of the white offering boxes we have located at each entrance of our sanctuary.

  2. By going to and accessing on our navigation bar, under ‘giving’ you will see a link to ‘give online here’. Click that link and a new window will appear with a form asking you to provide some information and payment credentials.

  3. By using Text-to-Give, you simply text your giving amount to 84321. You will receive an immediate reply with a link. You will click and follow the link and setup takes about two minutes, tops. After designating you preferred payment option of ACH bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. After that, giving is as simple as sending a text. It's the easiest, most spontaneous way to give!

Before giving online, you need to be aware of some fees!

  1. 2.3% + $0.30/transaction for all credit & debit card transactions

    For example, a person giving $300 with a credit/debit card, they will be charged $7.20 ($300 • 2.3% - 30¢), bringing their total giving amount to $292.80. To offset these charges, all you would need to do is divide your giving amount, in this case $300, by .977 and then add .30 to that total. So by giving $307.36 via credit/debit card, the church will receive the intended $300. Provided below is an equation you can use to offset these charges.

    Equation: (Giving amount / 0.977) + 0.30

  2. $0.25 per ACH bank transfer

    An alternative to giving with a credit/debit card, you can set up your giving through your checking account via bank transfer. There are a few more steps involved to get this set up but there is only a 25¢ charge applied to the giving amount.

    For example, a person giving $300 via ACH bank transfer, will be charge 25¢, bring their total giving amount to $299.75. To offset this charge, all they would need to do is add an additional 25¢ for the church to their initial giving amount. So they would need to give $300.25 for the church to receive $300.

    Equation: Giving amount + 0.25

For more details, watch the video below!